No Debts. More Money. Guaranteed.

Smart strategies

Getting out of debts is Important...

But there are 101 ways to do it and not all of them might be good for your particular scenario.

Knowing Which is the right strategy for you is important too.

Here is a comparison of the success rate with and without a strategy:

Right Strategy
No Strategy

So How do you know
your right Strategy?

Making a Research online?

That's fine if you have time to research on the internet for years.

But if you're pretty swamped already and you want fast results....

This isn't a viable option.

Hiring a Debt Management Company?

Don't have money to pay off all your debts.

Then you will be suggested to let all your accounts go to collections.

Not exactly optimal.

Copying what someone else is doing?

Finding someone that has your exact same scenario and has been successful at getting out of debts isn't easy.

​ And even if you do find the perfect clone of your scenario...

you're still depending on their willingness to share their exact strategy without lying.

Our Value

OK... So What Makes Us So Different?


We have a 100% customer statisfaction guaranteed. That's the basis for a good partnership. ​

You won't carry all the risk, we'll share it. ​

Unlike other solutions out there, we are so confident that you will stay with us for the long run.​

That's why If you feel unhappy with our service we have a refund policy in place benneficial for you.


Our first priority is to get you results. ​​
Less talk, more walk. ​​
We are aiming to work in your goals not ours. The most common goals our clients have are: ​​
#1- Get Out of Debts​​
#2- Improve their credit worthiness​​
#3- Qualify for Loans again ​​
#4 - Have a Higher Income


Jack of all trades... master of none. Specialization works!

That's why we work with your particular scenario, rather than having the same strategy for all our clients, we do this, so we can bring you results!

What we offer

Here are some of the type of Debts we can help you with:

Student Loans

There are several ways to pay off student loan debt faster – and while saving money.


If you’re feeling the need to escape your mortgage because you can’t pay, you aren’t alone. We have seven different ways to get out of a mortgage.

Auto Loans

We've compiled a few options for trying to alter the terms of the deal or get out of the loan altogether.

Credit Cards

Carrying a large balance increases your debt burden, hurts your credit score and negates any benefits you’re getting from your card’s rewards plan. Let's find the best ways to chip away at your credit card bills, whether you’ve got one card or a walletful.

Personal Loans

If you only make the minimum payments to your creditors, you risk getting trapped in debt, and it could take several months or years to dig yourself out of the hole. However, there are many ways to get out of debt.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are short-term, small-dollar loans typically capped at $500. They're considered high-interest because of their fee structure. If you're struggling with payday loans, consumer advocates strongly recommend exploring options to help you pay off the debt.

Act Now

Don't Pay anyone to get you out of debts, Learn to do it yourself!

We will help you build the right strategy for you to get out of debts!  No false promises. You will be the captain of your ship!

Become Debt free is possible

Knowledge is the key to making informed financial decisions.

Not only you will become debt free, but you will also learn the key strategies used by experts in the financial industry that charge tons of thousand of dollars by a reasonable and accessible payment. Here are some of the things you will learn:

Fastest way to be debt free

Most companies will promise you to get you out of debt in 3 months or maybe 1 year, we will tell you the truth depending on your situation and we will give you the right estimate.

How to boost your credit

To Become Lendable again you need to have a good credit score and there are couple of things you need to know to make this happen.

Summon Negotiation

You got a lawsuit for one of your debts? Don't worry we will teach you how you can negotiate a good payment agreement so you don't end up without having money for rent or food!

Handle Collection Calls

If you haven't pay your debts or you are behind, you will get collection calls, but you can get bennefits from them, we will explain to you why and how you can handle this calls to even get to a point that collectors will have to pay you instead.

Payment Questions

Most Popular Questions

Paying off your debts is the fastest way to become debt free. However we know that you probably don't have the money to pay them off and that's why you are looking for additional options, so that's the main reason why is so important to know how to create a strategy to get out of debts, this strategy will be different based upon your particular scenario, feel free to join our seminar and we will teach you the basics of the right strategy to become debt free.

Absolutely. We will teach you how you can naturally build your credit back up.

No. We are not a Loan company. is an online education platform that empowers people to take control of their finances, to improve their financial future.

Yes we are listed in the BBB, however we are still working in our certification.

If you are currently working with a debt management company or a credit counseling company it's alright, you can join us in our live seminar and take the decision whether you want to continue with their services or not afterwards.

You can Join us by booking your live seminar date and time!

Click Here

We Understand that you might have a busy life, so our intention is to teach you the basics of the right strategy in 1 hour.


We don't do debt management. We teach you how to manage your debts instead so that you are the one in control of your financial situation 100%

Our company physical address is:

1234 example ln

Miami, FL 


Quick Disclaimer: Since Covid19 We decided to only do online services our Financial coaches are telecommuting, we are part of the new business Era!

Making money is not hard as many people think. Your relationship with money is what is probably stopping you from having more. We will teach you how to change your relationship with money and we will give you basic ideas in how to make more depending on your skills. Join our live seminar to learn more.

100% We are a real company. We are guided by the golden rule "Treat people as you want to be treated" and we believe in Karma too, so you can trust that we are who we said we are. Our main goal is to see people happy and help everyone that needs our help!

We have a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed policy, we are very confident that you will love to be part of the become lendable community, so much, that we have created the following refund policy:

For Live Seminars: If you do not like what we share in the 1st 15 min of the seminar and you exit our zoom meeting you will get 100% of your live seminar payment back. No questions asked. (The only rule is that you have to leave the zoom meeting in the 1st 15 min, if you don't leave the zoom meeting at min 15, and let's say you do on minute 16 and on, you won't be eligible for a refund)

For Monthly Subscriptions: Our elearning program is so great that you will not want to leave, however if you decide to leave because you don't feel satisfied with our services 7 days after joining your monthly subscription, we will refund your monthly fee no questions asked. (This only applies for the 1st monthly pmt, any future monthly payment from month 2 and on don't qualify for a refund request).




No we are are not lawyers. Empowering Consumers with Financial Education!

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